Path of Exile: Delirium Extension Preview

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This year will be the most important year for developer Grinding Gear Games. hoping to move forward on the timeline and bring players to a whole new part of the PoE timeline. However, the first Path of Exile is still strengthening and continues to explore the Wraeclast continent in a variety of different ways. As the path of Exile 2 continues, the first Path of Exile is preparing to move into its next large-scale expansion, Delirium.  The next expansion will bring a series of new challenges and exciting rewards. You need to be strong enough to ensure that you get these rewards. Buy POE Currency will be the fastest way for you to become stronger.

Shacknews has been adept at many extensions of the Path of Exile, so this is usually part of one of the storyline introductions. However, Grinding Gear's team deliberately remained silent about Delirium and its place in the larger Exodus story. I hope players can experience the story by themselves on the first day.

For this latest league, players can head to any playable area of the Path of Exile and find a strange new object, where they will see their ghost reflection. This is a delirium mirror, and touching it will cause the player to enter a delirium state for a short time. When stuck in a deli, the surrounding area will be filled with a creepy mist, reflecting the player's greatest fear. New monsters spawn and rush towards the player, while existing monsters in the area become more powerful. Mischief encounters start at a lower level, but the difficulty increases the distance the player gets. Go deeper into Delirium to get bigger rewards, but these monsters will become more difficult, so if you want those rewards, you have to get them.  If you can't obtain it through your ability for the time being, you can also buy it at, and you can also Buy POE Orbs and other items to improve your strength.

These rewards will be worth it. Players can find pickups, currency items, map items and rare armor from the encounter with Delirium. Those who want to enhance Delirium's ultimate boss luck can find it by finding Delirium's Orbs, which will apply the state of Delirium to the entire map. Stacking balls will further increase the difficulty and also improve the quality of the reward. Players will use the Delirium Orb to find another drop called Simulacrum Splinters, which will collectively constitute a mysterious endgame challenge that Wilson and other members of the team have not yet explained in detail.