Can we even see our team from this season in MM21

Can we even see our team from this season in MM21

Can we even see our team from this season in MM21


No more Madden cash transfer. No season score. No heritage team. No scores would be the operative word there. . .there needs to be a legacy component or some thing we can do during madden futures. Wow. All the grinding should at least offer something. In years past you might get players and fill in your team for next year. It's accurate, those were fine bonuses were not they. But surely you didn't grind all year for a Mut 21 coins few elites second time around. No but as someone that didnt begin this year before the TOTD promo came out it seems rather futile. The console versions do not vanish if a new version comes out... You're comparing apples and oranges.

Can we even see our team from this season in MM21? It sounds to me like everything is getting declared, in that case I do not see a point in enjoying any more this season. So what are we linking our accounts for when we don't get legacy group, year score, or madden cash? They have this. Might also get a 100 OVR from it. Right? This is going to lose a lot of players. Wait. So madden money doesn't carry over? It states that linking now will give the 100 ovr pack, but I already linked. Can I get it? Red said on Discord the benefits for linking will go out in 4pm today so guessing in the event that you've already linked they will appear. Does that include people who linked a few months ago? If already linked it ought to be fine. Just check to make sure EA accounts is connected. It's from the 4th quarter tab at the store.

So basically Madden Mobile 21 is a giant"go twist community" how did you possibly think this was going to make players contented? More to the point, why couldnt you tell folks weeks past that MC wouldn't not take over? Since it would lead them to lose lots of in purchases. Remember they're a scum business. Its just a real shitty thing to do to your plauer foundation imo. It just stinks. The question is How long will people let them tresat us like crap till they depart boat? Unfortunately I think they will get away with it forever cuz we all enjoy footbal and mobile games. Nah when 2k eventually comes out with a mobile soccer game we will have the choice to jump the ship should they continue to treat us like this.

I hope so but I dont believe 2ks game will be like madden. They need to generate an arcade style game, much more like nba jam or old school NFL blitz. EA has exclusive rights to"simulation"style football matches so while I hope you're correct I think the games will be to similar. Heres to hoping tho. It is all good. Overdrive is only about as arcade as it is possible to get so it's not like EA totally cares about simulation mobile football. I have the same question. Leagues are the only reason I'm still playing. I know that it's a new program, but it's not like they are creating a completely different game.

Seems like there will be leagues (seemingly replied on Discord). I had been worried because when I read through each of the questions, there were 3 questions about leagues. All of them were unanswered. Virtually every other question had a response. I mean technically if it's a brand new program it is a new game. Will we get compensated in a new currency for any mc we have at the close of the season. I have a fantastic bit of mc currently and not much staying to spend it on. I'll take that because it I don't see the work POWER anywhere. Well, that makes sense seeing as MM21 will be it's own game. Honest question not whining, but what's the reason we need to link our EA account if there is likely to Buy Madden 21 Coins, MUT 21 Coins For Sale - be nothing transfer?

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