How to Choose the Right Size Waste Bin

How to Choose the Right Size Waste Bin

So now you have a better idea of the waste container options that could work for you–but then it’s time to consider size.



So now you have a better idea of the waste container options that could work for you–but then it’s time to consider size.

When evaluating the size of container options, don’t just think about how much waste and recycling your business can generate. Make sure to measure how much space you have available in your alley, garage, or other space you plan on putting it.

Front load dumpsters, roll-off containers, and open top waste containers are measured in cubic yards. A cubic yard is a measure of volume; one cubic yard is 3 feet long by 3 feet wide by 3 feet high.

Front load dumpsters can range from 2-yard options to 8-yard options. A 2-yard front load dumpster is right for a small business and can fit approximately 12 garbage bags. Meanwhile, an 8-yard front load dumpster is the right choice for larger restaurants and businesses and can hold approximately 56 garbage bags.

Roll-off and open top containers can range from 10-yard to 40-yard options. A 10-yard container is used for smaller temporary jobs while 40-yard containers are taller and work for businesses that need to throw waste off a dock.

Totes and wheel-carts are the smallest container option; they’re measured in gallons. A 64-gallon container can hold about 4 garbage bags while a 96-gallon container can hold about 6.

For more comprehensive details on size options, dimensions, and what different size containers can hold, explore this page.

Avoid these common mistakes

Be careful when choosing the size! If you choose a container that’s too small, your hauler may charge you extra fees for extra pickups or containers.

Don’t overfill roll-off or open top containers. Many haulers won’t pick up overstuffed containers and you can get charged with extra fees. Ensure that you keep waste level or below the top of the container.

If you have unexpected waste that doesn’t fit in your waste containers, err on the side of caution and contact your hauler. Large, heavy, or irregularly shaped items like broken appliances, mattresses, or old machinery often can’t just be left by your waste container. Your hauler may have a special process for these items.

Not all recycling is created equal. Don’t recycle just anything–be sure to study up on your city’s recycling regulations. Following these rules will ensure that your recycling actually gets properly recycled.

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