It is opening a can of worms

It is opening a can of worms

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Component of the logic was"It's a negative impact on yew longbows etc" well, if people DID fall, if they moved to their high alch price, they would be equally as hot to alch since they would benefit to, players would have a variety of RS gold choices to select from to maximize gain from a Gp or 2. The precedent. Depending on the logic in the tacky say it became profitable to state craft a dhide body, will that mean they will intervene and change prices? Or take OVLDS the expense to make one has halved lately does that mean we could expect an upgrade to them since they're meant to be costly baskets?

It is opening a can of worms that I feel Jagex will repent later on in the future. Ultimately, I think that it's quite unfair to those who purchased natures to spring up this change on them. I wrote this brief narrative to play with the devil's advocate: I'm sure most, if not all, know that Jagex changed the character rune alch cost. Earlier today, Mod Teabag sat down during his dawn crumpet break to chat about why this has been executed. Here is what he had to say! "Yes, to affirm, we did alter the high alch worth of character runes. I just need to set the record straight concerning why that was completed. We can guarentee our sport is 100 percent bot free.

Interestingly enough, it started out due to some petty revenge from another member of the staff here, however, as it happens, it was a good choice. Last week, my fellow colleague, Mod WhatsBotting was on his way in on a nice crisp Monday morning. He likes to take public transport to perform his part to save the Earth from heating up and consequently bursting in a couple trillion years.

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